Photo by Laura Pierpont



I'm Rachel Wilhelm, an Ohioan transplanted to east Tennessee. My journey from North to South was a little turbulent, wrought with heartbreak and big life changes, but I've found where I was always meant to put down roots. What was meant to be a year in transition turned into now seven years in an amazing outdoor community, a wonderful relationship with my other half, and a new outlook on life.


My three driving forces are my love for the outdoors, the culture of my community, and the food that brings us together. So that's what you'll get here. My outlook at nature, whether its from the saddle, behind a camera, or on the other end of a fly rod. The energetic rising of the South Knoxville outdoor community. And the culinary journey from my favorite hole-in-the-walls to James Beard award winning restaurants. And my own food discoveries of course. If you immerse yourself in the culinary world and you can't express yourself, what are you really doing?

So if you're into unbiased thoughts about sustainable food practices, epic fish-flop photos, heart pounding recollections of outdoor pursuits, and food that's real and delicious, welcome to the tribe!