In the beginning...

To quote Semisonic:

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end..."

This year has marked the beginning and end of a lot of things, and not just personally. Just a week ago our new president was sworn in. Policies have been born and killed. A new house, old relationship. New family members, New stress and old stress. And with all of that there is an overwhelming pressure that new things must start with a perfect beginning. 

Well, this is not a fairy dream-land where unicorns run around pooping glitter and shaking their perfectly highlighted manes. Said glitter does not land on the ground and grow money trees. (If you know of such a place, please come get me!) 

I am where I am today because I made some terrible mistakes. And then after I learned from those mistakes, I made MORE terrible mistakes. Some of my worst decisions (at the time) turned into great things. The best example I can give is my relationship with Russell. Without embarrassing him too much online, my intital attempt to secure his interest should have ended in him hiding from me in public. 

*cue scene*

Me: Heartbroken from my most recent, terrible relationship... "Let's drink as many beers as I can during this snowstorm at a bar with 4 guys I barely know from work!"

Russell, Daniel, Myers, Ethan: "OK"

Me two hours later: "This was not a good idea. A shot or 3 might help!"

Russell, Daniel, Myers, Ethan: "OK!"

Russell: "I love the Big Lebowski. I have it at home." (I'm sure he said it better than that.)

All of us: "Let's go watch it!!!"

*I ran to his truck and jumped in, almost wiping out in the process. Driving through Snowmagadeon 2013, we arrive at a sketchy AF cabin in the woods, AKA Russell and Myers's house, AKA the Trapper Cabin*

After drinking a few more beers, I excuse myself from the living room, nonchalantly vomit my brains out in the bathroom, and walk upstairs to pass out on Russell's bed, while they stare at my departure with slack jaws. I think I scared the shit out of Russ, but not enough to discourage a pretty wild first kiss.

I didn't tell Russell until about me puking before he kissed me for the first time until about a year ago. He didn't break up with me. #relationshipgoals


So let's hope this endeveor, whatever comes of it, has a chance. because at times, it's not going to be pretty and witty. I'll skip days or maybe weeks of writing. I'll post some shitty pictures. The beginning may not be perfect.

But maybe the ending won't suck. It might even lead to something great...